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The AV Club

This website can have some excellent reviewswhen you sift through the smog of gossip and ads. Articles are proffesional, if not well written. Run more like a newspaper than a blog.

Cinematography: Photography in motion

A mix between a forum and a blog for anything related to the look of a movie. Lens, Cameras, Techniques, etc. Lots of discussion and insight on how to make a good shot in a film.

TrueFilm: An in depth discussion of film

Well, the title of the site says it all. Plainly just discussions on the ideals, styles, directing and anything involed with film. Many a thoughtful disscusion is had. Why was Prometheus unable to capture the air of the original trilogy? Why did Stanley Kubrick’s films become so dry near his death? Everything you can think of is disscussed here.